Santiago and the alchemist trips cautiously over the further 2 days even though they move across the location where the tribal battling are worst.

Santiago tells the alchemist his center does not desire him to keep given that it worries it’ll shed anything. The alchemist replies that no cardio suffers although it pursues the fantasies, because to follow an aspiration is come across God. Another morning, Santiago’s heart informs your that everybody who may have God within your feels pleased, and this everybody in the world provides a treasure waiting for him. Santiago tells the alchemist he has got started to peace along with his cardiovascular system.

The next day, three tribesmen approach Santiago additionally the alchemist.

They insist upon searching the pair, and see the alchemist stocks the Philosopher’s Stone and also the Elixir of lifestyle. The tribesmen laugh after alchemist tells them regarding magical characteristics of their stuff, and let towards two to continue on. Santiago asks the alchemist precisely why the guy informed the people about his assets, in addition to alchemist replies that folks rarely believe an individual carrying secrets.

Because the pair trips, Santiago’s cardiovascular system states it protected him throughout his existence in ways the guy never noticed. They go a tribal encampment and Santiago claims he feels no hazard. The alchemist becomes crazy, stating that Santiago should keep in mind he takes a trip through wasteland. Two males unexpectedly seem behind Santiago while the alchemist and let them know they may be able traveling no more. The alchemist stares in to the sight on the males and tells them they aren’t heading far, while the people create. The alchemist clarifies to Santiago the eyes display the effectiveness of one’s spirit.

Following the alchemist and Santiago get across a hill number, the alchemist claims they own two days’ journey toward pyramids. Santiago asks the alchemist to inform your the key of alchemy ahead of the two-part steps, together with alchemist claims Santiago already knows alchemy because he is able to permeate with the spirit around the globe. Santiago requires how to especially turn lead into silver. The alchemist claims that silver shows the quintessential evolved material, hence successful alchemists realize advancement.

That nights, hundreds of Arab tribesmen dressed in blue means Santiago as well as the alchemist and accuse them of becoming spies. They bring these to a military camp and start questioning them. The alchemist says Santiago is actually an alchemist, and offers Santiago’s money on tribe’s head. After the chief takes the funds, the alchemist says that Santiago could wreck the camp utilizing the energy in the wind. The guys make fun of and test Santiago to show the alchemist’s state. The alchemist states that after 3 days Santiago will change themselves into the wind. Santiago feels mislead, together with alchemist states he was just trying to stay away from acquiring murdered. Santiago replies that, since the guy can’t end up being the wind, they’ll die in three days in any event. The alchemist pours tea on Santiago’s arms, saying only concern avoids somebody from living out their own Personal Legend.


As Santiago keeps their quest making use of alchemist, the guy finds out several brand new coaching about himself and his awesome skills. Initially, the alchemist describes that every person’s heart emerges from the Soul of the globe. Because Santiago’s center links your to the Soul around the world, Santiago must learn how to hear they precisely. Santiago’s cardio will not always impact him in positive ways, however. It conveys fear, yearns for Fatima, and otherwise distracts Santiago from soon after his individual Legend. Santiago happens so far as to name his heart a traitor, and amazing things why the guy should hear these types of a discouraging thing. The alchemist clarifies the center never ever continues to be quiet, thus Santiago must be prepared for they. This means, Santiago must learn how to split himself through the desires of his cardiovascular system. Only by paying focus on his heart and knowledge their “dodges and tips” can Santiago tame it and turn it into an ally.

The alchemist teaches Santiago two extra classes throughout pair’s causing encounters with tribesmen. The guy acknowledges for the earliest set of tribesman that he brings two famous gifts, the Philosopher’s Stone and Elixir of lives, to show Santiago that many people do not feel someone who have big treasures. Though the alchemist means his content treasures, this tutorial may also connect with intangible gifts, including spiritual comprehension of dreams and omens. An additional lesson, the alchemist snaps at Santiago for forgetting they are in a dangerous place. Santiago, who has got tamed his cardiovascular system and feels no anxiety, encourages this reaction because of the alchemist when he says the guy does not feeling worried about the camp of tribesmen they pass. The alchemist reminds Santiago the Soul of the World does not regard him as more special than others, creating Santiago to consider to themselves that everything is one. Like to show this aspect to Santiago, two men drive upon Santiago in addition to alchemist, and just set if the alchemist persuades them to get.

The next encounter Santiago in addition to alchemist have actually with tribesmen does not end as easily as first couple of, because the alchemist generally seems to deliberately result hassle. The guy offers aside most of Santiago’s cash, by way of example, next states that Santiago comes with the capacity to ruin their own camp and certainly will rotate himself in to the wind to show they. The alchemist has a tendency to repeat this to test Santiago, and while Santiago have encountered examinations earlier on his journey to his Personal Legend, such as thriving in Tangier and finding life inside the desert making use of alchemist, this test should be definitely the greatest he has confronted. Santiago has merely 3 days to manage down his anxiety about faltering and learn how to become himself into the wind. Now in story, Santiago doesn’t have tip tips try this. But since alchemist keeps told him, no instruction manual can advise your. He must read performing.